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Humphries Gets Renewed Lease on NBA Life Under Avery Johnson

For all the talk of how lottery picks must be considered busts if they don't succeed within three years, there's Kris Humphries.  At some point soon, Humphries' recent stretch of double-double performances (10.0 points and 11.9 rebounds in eight starts) will have to be accepted as reality and not a statistical glitch.

Ben Couch and Fred Kerber profile the man known as "Bowflex" for his strength and physique, how after being the Big Ten player of the year as a freshman, he fell behind players named Boozer, Bosh and Nowitzki, but now, with the confidence (and praise) of Avery Johnson, Humphries seems to have found his niche.  He's become the Nets' mechanic, getting down and dirty and fixing things.