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T-Will Sent to Springfield Armor; Says He'll "Accept Challenge"

The Nets are sending Terrence Williams to the Springfield Armor. The decision comes four days after Williams was declared inactive for two games. The Nets said then it was for "repeatedly violating team policy".

"This move will allow him to play until he is once again placed on the active list.," said Billy King in a statement. "There is no timetable on his return to the active list, and Terrence’s future status will be addressed at the appropriate time." Avery Johnson insists this isn't a "demotion", but an "evaluation". He claims the Nets don't have the "minutes".

T-Will seemed to see it as punishment, tweeting, "I'm a man I own up to my actions, an accept my challenge with open arms, don't pass judge on me when u don't no the half Thanks an God Bless." 

Same with his new coach, Dee Brown: "He's humble, that's what he is right now. It's off the court issues with him...We'll get him here, we'll try to teach him how to be a better professional off the court.''

Meanwhile, Stefan Bondy reports that in addition to being late for practice and shootarounds, Williams was late for a team plane recently.  The Nets retain Williams' rights while he's in Springfield. He will be counted against the Nets roster as well. By not suspending Williams, the Nets don't cost him any money.  His likely first game will come next Thursday vs.Maine Red Claws in Springfield.