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When Finishing Means Winning

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While the Nets wait to hear what the front office plans to do with Terrence Williams, they may want to ponder this: wilting late has cost them seven games.  If that doesn't get them, consider this: one reason for their inability to win close ones lately is their lousy deep shooting lately: 26.2% from deep in the last five games.

Call it inconsistency, immaturity, a lack of fortitude at big moments.  Whatever, they're 5-10 and in danger of a deep dive. Of the Nets' next 25 games, 15 will be on the road.  And of the 10 home games, four are against current division leaders and another is against the Thunder

Meanwhile in a series of tweets, Chris Mannix quotes a theory posed by NBA execs.  They think Denver may be waiting til the trade deadline to do the deal for Carmelo Anthony, believing the Nets will continue to struggle and their 2011 pick will get better.  Mannix also tweets that he believes 'Melo would sign an extension with the Nets.