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Robinson Says Nets Also To Blame for T-Will's Problem

Nate Robinson says the Nets are partially responsible for his friend Terrence Williams' problems, claiming they haven't helped out a young player trying to get used to the daily NBA grind.  "That's not what real teams do,"  Robinson told Stefan Bondy.

"Whenever somebody has a problem you're supposed to pick them up no matter what," he added.  Robinson and Williams played together in high school and have been close friends going back to grade school.  He said Williams should apologize to Avery Johnson, "even if he's right".

Ironically, in talking to reporters Wednesday, Johnson said the Nets had considered making an offer to Robinson.  They went with Jordan Farmar instead.

"I don't want to say it was close," Johnson said of the Nets signing Robinson "But he was one of the guys that was high on our list. We thought he could do just what he's doing now for the Celtics," adding he and Farmar were in the top two or three of the points they looked at.