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A Musical About Atlantic Yards Critics? Surely We Jest? Nope

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

"We laughed, we cried, we sang about ULURP."  (That's Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, for the uninitiate.)

That seems to be the general consensus about a new theatrical production, indeed a musical, that tries to tell the story of the Atlantic Yards controversy, going back to 2004. That's when Bruce Ratner bought the Nets and announced he was moving them to Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn.

In general, reviews of "In the Footprint," are positive, with the New York Times' Charles Isherwood offering what must be considered a rave, calling it "fresh, inventive and frankly as entertaining as any new work of musical theater to open this fall" Those closer to the action are more critical, with the Brooklyn Paper offering, "To the reams of paper, scores of legal proceedings, hours of hearings and years of anger over Atlantic Yards, you can now add one more thing: an unsuccessful theater production."

"In the Footprint" is at the Irondale Center [85 S. Oxford St. between Lafayette and Fulton avenues in Fort Greene, (718) 488-9233], through Dec. 11. Tickets, $35. For info, visit  If you'd rather just watch the construction of Barclays Center [the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues in Brooklyn].  Viewing is free. For info, visit