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Johnson and King Will Discuss Plan for Williams

Avery Johnson said before Friday's game in Boston that there will be a "resolution" to the Terrence Williams matter by Friday.  Johnson said that he and Billy King will discuss a course of action regarding Williams and the team. Williams is inactive for the second straight game after "repeated violations of team policy".

“We have a couple of options available to us… I will have an answer for you on Friday – a definitive answer. No sugarcoating it; no grey area. We will have an answer,’’ said Johnson, who added that suspension is NOT one of the options.

Williams, who's been a prolific tweeter, has not posted on his Twitter page since the Nets announced Tuesday that he would be inactive vs. the Hawks and Celtics.  Williams’ agent, Aaron Goodwin, told Fred Kerber he is confident his client and the Nets will resolve the problem and move forward.