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For Humphries and Favors, the Board's The Thing

Remember back in training camp when the Nets were enthused about the rebounding advantage Brook Lopez and Troy Murphy could bring the team?  As Alex Raskin writes, that isn't happening, but what is happening is that Kris Humphries and Derrick Favors, a journeyman and a rookie, have filled the gap.

In terms of rebounding rates, the percentage of rebounds a player gets while on the floor, both are doing the job.  Humphries ranks fifth and Favors 27th in the league and the two are averaging a combined 14 a game.  As a starter, Hump is snaring 12 a game, to go with 12.6 points.  He's also improved his D.

Both are big surprises, Humphries more than #3 pick Favors. Why is he so much better? "Previously... he concentrated too much on offense," Avery Johnson says. "Now he's concentrating more on anchoring defenses and he's shortened up his package… or maybe I have."