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Game 15 - Nets @ Celtics - Wednesday, November 24

Last February 28, the Nets rolled into Boston seeking their sixth win of the season...and got it, beating the Celtics 104-96.  Wednesday, the Nets will also be shooting for their sixth win of the season, but instead of being three weeks away from spring, they're three weeks away from winter.

The Celts are 10-4 but are likely to be without Rajon Rondo again when they face the Nets.  Not a big problem, however. Nate Robinson has taken up a lot of the slack, going for 16 and 10.  Admittedly, it was against the woeful Hawks, but it showed Robinson can handle the point at least for a while.  The Celtics' other top players remain healthy in spite of their age.  More importantly, they know how to win. It's the first of four meetings between the division rivals.