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Power Rankings: Little Change, Still Near the Bottom

Three straight losses, one to the Kings, will not help you in the power rankings.  John Schuhmann drops the Nets from #22 to #25 while Marc Stein, who already had them at #25 last week, demotes them one notch to #26. 

Schuhmann notes that Devin Harris didn't get untracked after being tossed in the Clipper game, shooting 11 for 33 over the rest of the trip.  He also notes that "the Nets have gone as Harris has: They're 3-1 with only a one-point loss to the Magic in games he's scored 20-plus."

Stein, meanwhile, notes what every Nets fan knows: "zero double-doubles for a presumed All-Star in Brook Lopez." Stein also notes that in games decided by five or fewer points, the Nets have five straight losses.

The captains' inconsistency is one of three things the Nets' Ben Couch says fans should watch for this week, along with Kris Humphries' ability to keep up his career numbers across the board and the health of Terrence Williams and Troy Murphy.