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Iannazzone: King Met With Nuggets' Kroenke and Ujiri While in Denver

Al Iannazzone reports that while Avery Johnson was telling beat reporters how much he loves his team, Billy King was "down the hall from Johnson, talking with Nuggets owner Josh Kroenke and general manager Masai Ujiri. It's safe to presume the names Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Favors were mentioned."

Iannazzone also reports the Nuggets remain interested in Favors (although Sam Amick of FanHouse reports they prefer Brook Lopez) and the Nets remain interested in Anthony...but "would welcome a third or fourth team to get something done". Another stumbling block, of course, is 'Melo's willingness to sign an extension with New Jersey.

Johnson, for his part, keeps telling his team "they are close" but one player who seems outside the coach's proximity  is Troy Murphy, rumored to be part of a 'Melo deal and mired at the end of the bench.