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Game 13 - Nets @ Nuggets - Saturday, November 20, 9:00

After a deflating, maybe even devastating, loss to the Kings, the Nets head to Denver for what has been billed as an audition, a game vs. the object of their affections, Carmelo Anthony.  Anthony, who told Al Iannazzone that he finds much about the Nets interesting, will get a first-hand look at what the Nets have to offer.

One thing's for sure, the Nets need a dynamic scorer, having scored 81 points against the NBA's worst defense on Friday night, a full 25 points less than what the Kings normally give up.  Anthony of course would provide that, but again at what cost.  Perhaps distracted by the 'Melo Drama, the Nuggets (6-6) have alternated losses with wins over their last five games, and haven't won or lost more than two in a row in 2010-11. It's not just 'Melo either. Denver features long-time Nets killer Al Harrington.

Meanwhile, the latest in the Melo Drama is that the Nuggets continue to press for Brook Lopez and the Nets continue to call that a "non-starter", according to Sam Amick of FanHouse.