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Game 4 - Nets vs. Bobcats - Wednesday, November 3, 7:00

The Bobcats aren't just winless. They are nearly defenseless. The team that led the league in defensive efficiency last season ranks 29th going into Tuesday's action.

Offensively, they start top scorers Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace on the wings but down the middle, the Nets could have an advantage.  Larry Brown has been starting Nazr Mohammed at center, but may switch to DeSagana Diop or even Boris Diaw to gets some offensive punch.  Another matchup where the Nets could do well is at the point.  D.J. Augustin has been playing well, but his backups are Shaun Livingston and Sherron Collins, the undrafted rookie.  The Nets will again be facing a player who decided against joining them this summer: Tyrus Thomas

The game is especially significant for one Net. Anthony Morrow is a Charlotte native.