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Nets Name Former GM, Coach As Pro Scouts

The Nets still don't have as big a basketball operations staff as the Knicks, who remain No. 1 in the NBA, but they're not 27th like they were last season under Bruce Ratner. They're back in the top 10 under Mikhail Prokhorov.

The latest additions are Garry St. Jean, the former Warriors GM and Kings head coach, as pro scout and Brendan O'Connor, who's worked as an assistant for the Kings, Knicks and Pistons, as advance scout.  O'Connor, who has a championship ring from his time with the Pistons, replaces Roy Rogers, who's joined the Celtics. St. Jean is a new hire.

The Nets now have nine scouts, including director of player personnel Gregg Polinsky.  Two of them, St. Jean and Bob Ferry, are former NBA general managers. As Warriors GM, St. Jean drafted Troy Murphy and traded for Avery Johnson and Popeye Jones.