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Morrow's History Lesson

There will be a number of subplots Friday night when the Nets meet the Kings in Sacramento.  Terrence Williams and Troy Murphy are likely to be inactive. Still hurt? Will Brook Lopez keep up his mastery of the Kings?  Derrick Favors vs. DeMarcus Cousins.  Here's another: If Anthony Morrow goes four-for-four from deep, he becomes the leading three point shooter in NBA history. 

As John Schuhmann writes, "Morrow doesn’t have the prettiest form or the quickest release, but it’s the results that count."  No player has as good a three point shooting percentage over two years as Morrow has had, but he needs 250 makes to qualify for the record. Because he's had some shooting woes of late, he'll need to be perfect Friday to pass Steve Kerr on the all-time list. Even if he doesn't, he'll get plenty more chances.