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Audition in Denver?

Billy King is on the Nets West Coast road trip.  The Nets' final game of the trip is Saturday in Denver.  You can imagine the next line in this progression: The Nets will use the occasion to talk with the Nuggets and show Carmelo Anthony that they are worthy of his talents. So suggests Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports.

Even though some reports say 'Melo isn't thrilled with the idea of joining the Nets or "a gutted team", Spears thinks the Nets would like to show him what they can do...first hand. "The Nets would like to make a better impression on him during Saturday’s game. The Nuggets scouted Derrick Favors in the preseason, and will get another close look at him when the teams meet."  

Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone writes that fans shouldn't expect anything to happen with Troy Murphy until the Nets are told they are out of the 'Melo Sweepstakes..and they don't think they are.  Iannazzone also notes that agent Dan Fegan represents three of the Nets power forwards, Murphy, Kris Humphries and Joe Smith, and could play a role in all this.