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For the New Look Nets, It's About Prokhorov and Johnson

At this point in the Nets' season of change, the two dominant personalities are not players but Mikhail Prokhorov and  Avery Johnson.  It's their personalities that are driving the organization.  In interviews earlier in the week with FOX Sports West, Mike Fratello and Jordan Farmar talked about their roles.

Fratello says with Prokhorov's ownership, "the spirit of the franchise has been lifted", that no longer do you have "people walking around, wondering in the office every day, 'What's going to be taken away next? Are we losing pencils next? Are we losing paper next?'  The new owner came in and made a commitment financially." 

Farmar tells FSW that he's learning a lot from Johnson. "I still have a lot of growing to do and i thought this was a perfect opportunity for me, to come here to play for Avery Johnson who played point guard in this league for a long time and be part of something new and exciting."