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Left-Handed Complement

The left hand column of NetsDaily is where we list links to sites--and some of our own work--that we think will be helpful to Nets fans. As the Nets' presence on the web, on blogs and in social media has grown, so has the list.

In the last couple of weeks, we've done some housekeeping over there and wanted to point out some of  the new links we've added and some others we've updated.  Among other things, we've added a link to  ESPN New York's Nets blog under Blogs. Under Resources, we added links to Barclays Center's Construction Update page (which itself appears to be under construction) and the Nets Media Guide. We also updated NBA Calendar, NBA Salaries, Nets Agents, Nets Trade Assets and Team Prokhorov under Resources.

Social Networking now includes links to the verified Twitter accounts of seven Net players (and stats guy Milton Lee) plus the Nets' newest social media offering, Formspring, an interactive question-and-answer site.  Under Sources, the additions are NetsRussia, the team's soft-launched Russian-language website, and the Springfield Armor team site...gotta stay ahead of the curve.