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Marks: From Catching a Break to Breaking Through

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

In an interview with a student at his alma mater, Marist College, Bobby Marks talks about  how he "caught a break" while interning for the Nets his senior year and how that break ultimately led him to his current job, as assistant GM.

His advice, born out of his own experience committing the collective bargaining agreement to memory, is "add something to your resume every year." (The Springfield Armor deal would be this year's addition.)

As for the Nets, Marks talks about how he's impressed with how "open-minded" Billy King is to new ideas, and how he is no longer chained to his desk unable to leave East Rutherford.  He can now scout college games (like Georgia-Colorado Tuesday) .

Regarding his own ambitions, Marks says he feels he's not ready "to run a team" but with his latest experience thinks he could be in two or three years.