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Trade Rumors Begin as Murphy Sits

Troy Murphy will be inactive Wednesday vs. the Jazz, Avery Johnson saying the 6'11" power forward with the $11.9 million contract is "not physically there" following his two preseason injuries.  The groin strain and sore back kept him out of the weight room for 45 days, Johnson has said.

Murphy says he's fine with it, but HoopsWorld's Yannis Koutroupis thinks it's only a matter of time before Murphy's name starts to surface in trade rumors...beyond the Carmelo Anthony rumors. 

He notes "There are plenty of teams that could stand to add a big man of Murphy's caliber like the Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, Oklahoma City Thunder and Phoenix Suns."

Billy King, who accompanied the Nets on the West Coast trip, told Fred Kerber there are no plans to trade Murphy and suggested that once he's in better condition, Murphy could return to the starting lineup.