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AK-47 On His Old Boss: "He is REALLY Patient"

Take it from someone who knows him, who's a fellow countryman. Mikhail Prokhorov will not be deterred by early setbacks.  Not his style.  Andrei Kirilenko, who played for CSKA Moscow, describes his old boss this way to Fred Kerber: "If he’s got the time, like three, four years, he’s really going to wait. He is going to work hard every year to get those free agents but he is really patient. I mean REALLY patient."

Kirilenko, who's suffering from a jammed finger, will play Wednesday vs. the NetsTerrence Williams will suit up as well.  Avery Johnson told beat reporters he's going with Kris Humphries again vs. the Jazz, in part because of how well he works with Brook Lopez. It's his 12th career start in six plus years. As Kerber reports, Lopez is a big guy who likes to wander to the perimeter while "Hump" is a big guy who does what Johnson calls "the dirty work."