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Nets Get Ready for Morrow Three

Sometime on the Nets' West Coast swing, Anthony Morrow could join, at least for the time being, the league's most elite deep shooters.  Morrow needs just six three-pointers to qualify for the NBA’s all-time highest three-point field goal long as he keeps shooting the ball well. 

Steve Kerr currently holds the record, with a career percentage of 45.40%.  Morrow right now is shooting 45.35%.  He would surpass Kerr, at least for the moment, if he hits better than half his three point attempts in getting to 250 makes. That's the number needed to qualify for the record. Morrow has 244. The Nets got a little ahead of the game Tuesday by headlining the achievement and posting a mix tape of his big three's this season.

For the record, the Nets' best three point shooter this season isn't Morrow, but Travis Outlaw who is hitting a blistering 56.8% of his attempts.  Morrow is hitting a not too shabby 38.3%.