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Vecsey: Nets No Longer Front-Runners in 'Melo Drama

The Knicks and Nuggets play a game of basketball in Denver Tuesday, but that's secondardy to the parlor game among sports writers on where Carmelo Anthony will wind up and when.

Peter Vecsey writes Tuesday morning that after talking to 'Melo, he is uncertain about a lot of things, but not this: the Nets are no longer "front-runners" but now "also rans" in 'Melo's mind. Mainly It's because of where they play basketball...and where they don't. "In a nutshell, the fact they're two seasons away from moving to Brooklyn from New Jersey places them in the loser bin," claims Vecsey, who also reports the Nets were not as close to closing the four-team deal as thought back in September.

Instead, he says, the Knicks are "still viable" as Anthony's court of last resort.