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In Power Rankings, a Difference of Opinion

John Schuhmann of thinks the Nets may have taken a step forward against the Magic, even if they lost, and as a result moved them up two steps in his power rankings to #22.  That's two steps ahead of the careening Knicks as well.  Not so Marc Stein of ESPN.  He has the Nets at #25, no movement, and the Knicks at #23, a six place drop.

Schuhmann adds that the Nets could be helped by some production from Troy Murphy who he notes has only scored 22 points in five games.  For Stein, the big issue remains Lopez who despite his 23 point effort vs. Dwight Howard needs to be "Job 1 for Jersey at the minute".

They also disagree on whether Monday night's opponent, the Clippers, are the worst team in the NBA right now.  Schuhmann says yes, Stein thinks it's the Wizards.