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Is Devin Harris Back?

Two years ago, Devin Harris exploded on the Nets' West Coast trip, scoring 47 against Steve Nash and the Suns, and 34 against Deron Williams and the Jazz in back-to-back wins. It showed what kind of player the then 25-year-old could be for the rebuilding Nets, made him an All-Star.

We all know what happened next. Nagging injuries that season slowed him. Then last year's disaster really hurt Harris' reputation.  He was not the player he had been, not on offense, not on defense. 

Now, the question is this: will history repeat itself?  Just as in 2008, Harris has had some good games going into the trip, averaging 25 and 8 over the last three and playing solid defense.  So is he back?

John Hollinger is one of those who thinks Harris could be back. He doesn't say it, but his numbers do. In Hollinger's Player Efficient Ratings, Harris now ranks 13th, just behind two guys named LeBron and Kobe and ahead of guys named Kevin (both of them), Rudy, Derrick, John and Rajon.  (For the record, the next Net on the list is Kris Humphries at #78. Brook Lopez, at #145, ranks below Derrick Favors at #110)