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Anthony Talks Not Going Away; Nuggets, Nets Still Talking Favors

Al Iannazzone reports Thursday the Nuggets "remain interested" in a trade package that would send Derrick Favors to Denver for Carmelo Anthony and that Denver GM Masai Ujiri is also "exchanging proposals" with other teams for the three time all-Star.After a fast start, Denver is now 4-4.

Moreover, writes Iannazzone, there's a possibility that the 76ers could enter the mix, either as a direct trade partner for Denver or a participant in a three-team deal.  The Nuggets like Andre Iguoudala as a 'Melo replacement.

Similarly, Chris Broussard writes, "New Jersey has the best deal to offer Denver and could be his landing spot," but everyone agrees 'Melo must agree to a contract extension or the deal would be off. Although most expect serious talks to wait til December 15, when players signed in the summer can be dealt, the departure of Nugget consultant Bret Bearup this week could speed things up.  Bearup served former Denver owner Stan Kroenke but the new owner, Kroenke's son, had him removed, clearing some of the bureaucracy slowing trade talks.