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Kerr Likes Morrow...Who Could Break His Deep Shooting Record

In addition to his five rings, including four in a row, Steve Kerr holds two other distinctions, best three point shooting percentage for a season (52.4%) and career (45.4%). It may take a while for the former to be surpassed.  It may take only a few weeks for latter...and Anthony Morrow may be the guy to do it.

As Alex Raskin, writing for the Wall Street Journal, reports, if Morrow makes just 21 more field goals from beyond the arc and keeps his percentage above 45.4%, the Nets will have 250 3-pointers for his career—enough to qualify him for the record. His current success rate is 45.7%. As for Kerr, he likes Morrow's shooting mechanics...and psychology.

  • The Best Shooter in NBA History? - Alex Raskin - Wall Street Journal