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Will Owner Instability Push Paul Out the Door?

Tired of hearing about a Carmelo Anthony trade?  Not to worry.  Mitch Lawrence says you'll soon start hearing Chris Paul rumors.

Lawrence says an uncertain ownership in New Orleans is likely to push Paul out the door.  Part of Paul's decision to stop calling for a trade had to do with the prospect of a new owner.  Gary Chouest, a billionaire ship builder, wanted to buy the Hornets from penny-pinching George Shinn.  But unlike Mikhail Prokhorov, Chouest didn't want to assume all the team's debt, so Lawrence reports the deal is dead.

What next? "It's a great development for the Knicks and Nets  and every other team that has its eye on Paul, who becomes a free agent in 2012."

Meanwhile, on the 'Melo front, Peter Vecsey says that deal is by no means dead, that the Nets are still pursuing Anthony and says just before the four-team deal collapsed, the Trailblazers tried to get involved, replacing the hopes of getting Devin Harris.