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Construction, Demolition Proceeds at Barclays Site

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

One of the last two buildings left in the Barclays Center footprint is slowly coming down while Forest City Ratner awaits approval to take down the other, as shown in a new photo gallery and video.

The old Spalding factory, at the southeastern edge of the arena footprint, is being knocked down manually.

The city has yet to issue a demolition permit for Daniel Goldstein's old condominium buidling, which sits over what will be center court. Once the permit issued, that demolition will take several months.

Construction and excavation continues at other locations at the site with the foundation wall now clearly visible at the western edge of the footprint.  Also, an Indiana company that's manufacturing the arena's curtain wall and its distinctive steel lattice framing reports it intends to begin erecting sections on site in December/January.  Ratner officials say the arena is still on target for completion in late spring/early summer 2012.