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Did Prokhorov Nix Knicks' Mozgov?

Remember all those stories last summer about how the Knicks hid Timofey Mozgov from the Nets, working him out in secret, to make sure Mikhail Prokhorov didn't snatch the Russian center away?  Apparently, there was no need. Mitch Lawrence writes Thursday that Prokhorov wasn't interested all.

 In a preseason primer, Lawrence asks whether Mozgov (whose name translates to "Timmy Brains") or Frenchman Johan Petro is the better 24-year-old center, then adds:

Before giving Petro $10 million last summer, the Nets had a chance to get Mozgov, a Russian who was well-known to new owner Mikhail Prokhorov. But when the Nets basketball execs were discussing Mozgov as a potential backup for Brook Lopez, Prokhorov dismissed the idea.

Not long after, the team began talks with Petro. Petro and Mozgov both signed three year contracts worth around $10 million.