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Preseason Game 2 - Nets vs. 76ers - Tuesday, October 5, 7 p.m.

The Nets and 76ers travel to Roanoke, VA, Tuesday for the first match-up between Evan Turner, selected #2 in the draft, and Derrick Favors, taken right after him.  Oh yeah, it will be a chance for reporters to get the latest on the Rod Thorn-Brett Yormark soap opera as well.

The Sixers, like the Nets, have a lot of new elements, including Thorn as president of basketball operations; Doug Collins as coach and seven new players, including former Nets Tony Battie and Chris Quinn.  As for the Turner/Favors face-off, both teams say they are happy with what they got, with Avery Johnson saying if the Nets had the #2 selection in the draft, they would have taken Favors.  Johnson described the choice as "a no-brainer".