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'Melo: "I Never Said I Want To Play For the Nets"

Carmelo Anthony said Friday he thought the chances he would still be a Nugget on Opening Night were no better than 50-50. 

Then on Sunday, he seemed to eliminate the Nets from his list of preferred teams...or did he? Here's the exchange with reporters in Denver, as recorded by the Denver Post:

"As far as marketing, it comes from winning. If I ain't winning, then nobody wants me to market their product," said Anthony.

So he was asked: "Then why would you want to play for the team that won 12 games last season?"

Anthony then said: "I never said I want to play for the Nets."

The three-time All-Star would have to agree to a contract extension for any trade to go through.  There have been conflicting reports of whether he'd agree to join the Nets.  The consensus is that talks wouldn't have advanced without the Nets believing he would sign an extension.