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Prokhorov To Meet Team at Moscow Event

Onexim Group
Onexim Group

Mikhail Prokhorov will meet his team for the first time next Sunday evening in Moscow.  Prokhorov's Onexim Group released details of the Nets Open Practice in the Russian capital Monday.  According to the release, the team will hold the practice in front of Russian college and high school players at CSKA Moscow's practice facility.

Prokhorov, who built his basketball credentials as CSKA's owner, will welcome the team to the facility where as many as 3,000 are expected.  The Nets will then practice in front of their new boss, the youth players, children and Russian VIPs, including government officials. The practice is the centerpiece of the one-day stopover in Moscow.  The team will open a Nets team store in the city as well.

Still uncertain: Whether Prokhorov will accompany the team on its charter to Beijing.

"This celebration of basketball is intended to lay the foundation for future cooperation between Russian basketball organizations and the strongest league in the world, the NBA," said the Onexim release.  Prokhorov has previously met Avery Johnson and Billy King, but none of the players.