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After Mediocre Preseason, Favors Averaging Double-Double

Derrick Favors was looking a lot younger than his 19 years in preseason. Twice, he walked off the court without a point. Once he fouled out after only 13 minutes. He did well in the team's last two games, with 12 and 16 points, but at best he looked like a project.

Not so much now. The league's youngest player since 2007 is averaging a double-double after his first three NBA games...10.3 ppg and 10.0 rpg. He's third in the NBA in offensive rebounds, grabbing 5.3 a game, and is fourth in rebounds per 48 minutes, at 22.5.

He sees it as his job. "I try to make an impact by rebounding, keeping shots alive, and try to get myself going offensively, too."

How many minutes he'll get once Troy Murphy returns, possibly Wednesday, is up to the coach, but the team and its fans have to be pleasantly surprised. Question is how do they feel about him in that his stock has "skyrocketed" as Ken Berger reports.