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Last Building Down, "Steel in the Sky" Next at Barclays Center Site

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Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

With Daniel Goldstein's former condominium now a pile of rubble --demoliton took little more than five weeks, not five months as originally estimated-- the next step in the construction of Barclays Center will be the siting of a steel erector, the  apparatus that will put "steel in the sky" at the Brooklyn site.

Goldstein's condo, which sat at what will be center court, was finally demolished Saturday, the last building in the arena footprint to come down. Its removal permits Bruce Ratner to extend the foundation wall around the entire periphery of the arena and bring in the steel erector. No schedule has been published for the work, but site preparations are expected to begin this week and the fabricator of the steel curtain wall expects to begin erecting  panels in "Dec/Jan".

Meanwhile, a supplement on the arena published by the Brooklyn Paper states that the latest design for Barclays Center attracted Mikhail Prokhorov to the Nets...but doesn't cite anyone close to the Russian billionaire to back up the contention.