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A Look Back at Nets' Wooing of LeBron and "The Decision"

Fred Kerber writes Sunday about how the Nets loved and lost LeBron James.  On the day LeBron brought the Heat to Newark, the Post writer recounts how the Nets tried to lure James to Newark/Brooklyn.  LeBron also offered his comments on the wooing...and "The Decision".

Relying mainly on Rod Thorn and Bobby Marks, Kerber writes that the Nets felt they had a legitimate shot after flying out of Cleveland, so much so that they were prepared to clear more roster space to bring in whoever James wanted as a sidekick.

The bottom line on why they lost is supplied by the guy with the biggest bottom line in the NBA. "When you have the worst record in the league, it’s not easy," Prokhorov said.

And don't expect the "superteam" trend to end anytime soon.  "It’s a part of where we are in the whole NBA culture," Avery Johnson told Al Iannazzone. "It’s probably not going to change for the next five years." And that's why the Nets continue to pursue Carmelo Anthony, Iannazzone adds.