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Prokhorov Stands Alone...On the Train, Too

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Mikhail Prokhorov and about 20 Nets staffers, many of them from Moscow, traveled to the Kings game via NJ Transit Friday, avoiding rush-hour traffic between New York and Newark. That we knew...but as video provided NetsDaily shows, there were no special privileges allotted the world's 29th richest person. He had to stand, crouching all the way, even moving out of the way of commuters getting off in Secaucus.

It seems $17 billion dollars doesn't get you a seat on NJ Transit.

The group took the 5:41 out of New York Penn Station. On arrival, Prokhorov led the group on a five minute walk from Newark Penn Station to the Prudential Center. The trip is part of the team's effort to persuade New Yorkers to travel to the Prudential Center by train. Prokhorov is staying in a midtown hotel and is leaving New Jersey Sunday afternoon following the Heat game. He has said he hopes to be at about 10 Nets home games.

  • Prokhorov Stands Alone (Video) - Onexim Group/New Jersey Nets