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Farmar: Avery Talked Me Into It

Aaron Brown - New Jersey Nets
Aaron Brown - New Jersey Nets

Jordan Farmar has had a busy Sunday.  He started out in the morning at his first Hoop Farm event east of the Mississippi. Sunday night, he'll be playing against Maccabi Haifa at the Prudential Center.  In between, he spoke with David Cassilo of SLAM, explaining why he chose the Nets over other teams this summer.

"The newness of everything. New ownership, new management and a new coach," said the 23-year-old with two rings. "Avery Johnson was a big part of it. I had seen what he did in Dallas and his winning ways and how he helped Devin Harris become an All-Star caliber point guard. He talked me into it."

Farmar also talks about the differences between Laker camp and Nets camp; why he expects to be a starting NBA point guard some day; and how he expects to transport his community efforts East along with his basketball skills.