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Vecsey: Yormark Undermined Thorn

Peter Vecsey tries his hand at unraveling the big mystery of the Nets' off-season, why Rod Thorn left the Nets. Although he doesn't come up with a definitive answer, he makes it clear one big reason was Brett Yormark. The Nets CEO, Vecsey writes, tried every which way to dump Thorn and bring back John Calipari, something Thorn confirms.

"Had Yormark owned enough clout he positively would've brought back Calipari to run the show," Thorn tells Vecsey. "I don't deny my dislike for the guy."

For years, reports Vecsey, Yormark did everything he could to undermine Thorn.  Yormark had gotten down on Thorn feeling he'd gotten lazy and done a poor job and began a campaign of leaks, he adds.

  • Rod had rocky relationship with Nets CEO - Peter Vecsey - New York Post