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For Nets and Knicks, Only a Chance at Playoffs, Say Announcers

The Post has been talking and listening to what announcers for TNT, YES and MSG have been saying and the bottom line is that the Nets and Knicks' fan bases are energized by a long summer of preparation and anticipation (sounds like Clyde).

Just don't count on either of them playing beyond April.

Marv Albert, who does TNT and YES, thinks there's a chance, but not a good one and Charles Barkley thinks the Nets have a better chance than the Knicks. Mike Breen, MSG's voice of the Knicks, says no matter what, "I’ve heard as much ‘can’t wait for the season to starts’ as I’ve heard in a long time."

Meanwhile, the stats geeks over at Wages of Wins agree with Barkley, that the Nets will be better than the Knicks, with 39 wins to the Knicks' 35...and the seventh seed in the East.