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Game 2 - Nets vs. Kings - Friday, October 29, 7:00

You know the story line: DeMarcus Cousins, taken at #5 in the draft, thinks the Nets should have taken him over Derrick Favors at #3 and he is out to prove they were mistaken, saying at one point he was going to "go at" Favors' "neck".  He did not specify how.

Both players had excellent NBA debuts. Both the Nets and Kings won close games. Favors had 8 points and 10 rebounds while Cousins had 14 and 8. Cousins played six and a half more minutes. 

Of course, the game is unlikely to be decided by the two best big men in the Draft. Brook Lopez (25 and 9) and Devin Harris (22 and 9) played well vs. Detroit. Tyreke Evans, suspended for the Minnesota game, will make his debut and Francisco Garcia (22, including two three pointers) looks like he's recovered nicely from his injuries.  Troy Murphy remains out.  Samuel Dalembert is a question mark for the Kings.