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Rise & Grind: More than a Tweet

Bobby Marks says that after the Nets lost out on the top free agents, their highest priority was...Anthony Morrow, someone who could give the team instant offense. How'd that work out?

"He's a guy who has fought the battle to get into the rotation at Golden State," Marks told Beckley Mason of Dime Magazine. "He's already tasted that, and I don't think he's a guy who wants to go back."

No sir.  The first tweet of Morrow's day is almost always, "Rise & Grind", a reminder of his work ethtic, the one that got him into Warrior training camp after being undrafted in 2008, had him make the team and then in his first NBA start, score 37 points. 

Morrow, as he proved Tuesday night, is one of the game's best three point shooters.  He may, in fact, be THE best.   Nets stats guy Patrick Rees reports Morrow needs just 21 made 3-point shots to qualify for the NBA’s all-time highest trifecta percentage. He needs 250 to get on the career list. He is .461 (229-of-497) for his career. Steve Kerr is the all-time leader at .454 (726-of-1,599).   Not bad for a kid whose first offer out of Georgia Tech was an $80,000 deal in Ukraine.