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The Empire Strikes Back!

Brooklyn Trolley Blogger
Brooklyn Trolley Blogger

Last July, you may recall, the Nets angered Jimmy Dolan by papering over the side of a building opposite the Garden with their 1,200 square foot "Blueprint for Greatness" poster.  Now, reports the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger, Dolan has struck back! 

On the side of a wall inside the footprint of the Atlantic Yards, the Knicks have put up a much smaller wall poster, featuring Amare Stoudemire in front of the Manhattan ...not Brooklyn... Bridge.  It reads, "Brooklyn Represent - You, Us, We, Now". (We think "Huh?" might be the next word in the progression, but that's just us.)

Psst Jimmy.  You're a bit early. The Nets don't play in Brooklyn til 2012.  They open in NEWARK Wednesday night.  Mikhail Prokhorov, through a spokesman had "no comment on that."  Brett Yormark, however, could not resist: "I’m glad to see they know where Brooklyn is. Clearly, they know what’s coming."

Meanwhile, the Knicks intend to take Timofey Mozgov, their rookie Russian center, on a tour of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn's Russian enclave.