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Murphy's Back But Avery Warns Don't Expect Early Returns

Troy Murphy did some light practicing Monday, his first since being shut down just before the Nets went on the world tour two weeks ago.  So far so good, but Avery Johnson says don't expect much any time the first two games.  He thinks the 6'11" PF needs at least three practices. Monday only counted as a half. 

Without Johnson saying when Murphy will be back, the team's schedule is such that he's unlikely to play until Sunday afternoon against the Three Amigos of Miami.  Moreover, Johnson predicted that the power forward spot is likely to be "a revolving tour" for a while, maybe even the entire season, assuming Derrick Favors develops at a good pace. 

Who starts Wednesday? Most likely it will be Joe Smith, headed into his 15th year in the NBA, with Kris Humphries probably next up.