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Farmar: "It’s Been Great Here"

Jordan Farmar admits he wasn't sure about leaving his native L.A. for a franchise on the other side of the country that had won only 12 games while his team, the Lakers, had won a second NBA championship.  But someone convinced him the Nets, with everything oh-so-new, was a great place for him.

"Really it came down to Avery Johnson," Farmar told the Boston Globe. "He told me he could help take my game to the next level, and he’s done it with Devin before.  Our relationship really grew throughout the process. I really trusted him, felt he had no reason to lie to me and meant what he said. That meant a lot to me.’’

As a result, he adds, when he's on the court, he is "in charge and in control" and that was something denied him in L.A.