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Uzoh Happiest Guy in Nets Camp

Ben Uzoh thought he'd be drafted in June.  He had 16 workouts including two each with the Kings and Spurs and had showed off his wares at a mass workout in New Jersey. On Draft Night, the Nets considered buying a late second rounder to grab him, but decided to take a chance that he'd drop. He did and they caught him, giving him a $35,000 partial guarantee.

Now that he's made the final cut, the team's third rookie is thrilled.  He told reporters "I got to my room and I was real happy. That’s when it hit me, when I got a chance to share it with my people." It began with his parents, Nigerian immigrants, and went "down the line". Uzoh still isn't fully guaranteed. Conor Orr tweets he's day-to-day until the January deadline for partially guaranteed deals.