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Nets Have Bought Into Johnson's Enthusiasm and Professionalism

Avery Johnson is everywhere. SI's Chris Mannix profiles him and the change he's bringing the Nets. Newsday's Barbara Barker writes about his iron will, Stefan Bondy about his passion, Al Iannazzone about his relationship with Devin Harris. FOX Sports relies on Fred Kerber for its Johnson-heavy Nets preview.

Kerber, the veteran Nets beat reporter, thinks they have the potential to surprise and sees the reasoning as simple.  "They have bought into it (Johnson's enthusiasm and professionalism). There is a positive feeling, positive vibe. I think you will see a team that is gradually going to improve."  (With regard to last summer, Kerber suggests the Nets were stunned when Rudy Gay opted to sign so early with the Grizzlies.  "I think that really threw them off," he says.)

Mannix looks at last season and finds the contrast striking between a team that couldn't care, wasn't getting any better and the one that has embraced Johnson's mentality of Erase and Replace: "We have to get rid of the losing mentality."