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Playing with the Dolans - Nets Doing It Again?

All Ball, the blog, says there was a subliminal message to the Nets' subterranean visit to Penn Station two weeks ago...what's just above the train platform where Jessica Taff and Terrence Williams departed Manhattan for the Prudential Center.

"Notice anything funny about this video?," Micah Hart writes about the YES piece featuring Taff and TWill. "It’s a 'How-to'  on how to get to Nets games from Penn Station in New York City. That’s Penn Station, which if you are unfamiliar with NYC landmarks, is adjacent to a little arena called Madison Square Garden."

It's a lot more subtle than the "Blueprint for Greatness", but it's another tweak at the Knicks, writes Hart of the Nets strategy. "They are really not afraid of their big brothers to the East."