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So What's New with 'Melo?

Word from inside the PNY Center is that nothing is imminent, but there's plenty of indications outside the Nets HQ that things are still percolating between the Nets and Nuggets.  A few things appear certain: the Nuggets are waiting on Carmelo Anthony, having yet to decide the time is right for a deal; Derrick Favors (and picks) appear to be the only assets sure to be included; and the Nets are reluctant to give up Devin Harris.  (That's not to say the Nets aren't happy with Favors' progress...they are.)

There's still conflicting information as to whether the Nets would prefer to go it alone, offering Denver three power forwards; or seek a third (or even fourth) team to help the Nuggets obtain a replacement for Anthony at small forward. 

It also seems uncertain whether the Nets want to keep Harris or use him as a trade chip down the line.  Finally, Chris Sheridan seems to be alone in believing the Knicks have a better chance than the Nets.