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Prokhorov IS Galactus...Says Lopez

In the pantheon of Marvel comic book characters, Galactus is an omnipotent figure with infinite resources and a voracious appetite for devouring worlds. Sounds like an NBA owner we know. It did to ESPN the Magazine as well. In their NBA preview, Mikhail Prokhorov is pictured as Galactus.

Brook Lopez agrees.  J.A. Adande showed the comic book aficionado the art and he approved.  He also liked Bobcats owner Michael Jordan as Nick Fury. Each NBA team had their own Marvel character.  One thing to watch out for. Galactus According to Wikipedia, "As Galactus must continuously feed to sustain himself, his power levels are inconsistent throughout any given period. Due to this inherent hunger, Earth's heroes have been able to achieve various degrees of success in repelling, or defeating, a starving, weakened Galactus." 

It's always about consistency.  For the record, the magazine picks the Nets to finish tenth in the East.