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In Final Preseason Stats, Nets Middle of the NBA Road

The Nets' two losses to New York and Boston dramatically dropped the team's defensive addition to hurting their win-loss record.  After giving up 224 points in those games, the Nets fell from the top tier of defensive clubs to the middle.  On the other hand, their 203 points in those two games made their offense look less anemic.

The Nets finished 18th in points allowed per game and 13th opponent field goal percentage after being in the top ten in both categories prior to the back-to-back road games.  On the opposite side of the ledger, the Nets went from 26th in scoring to 23rd. Their 43.7% field goal percentage ranks them 16th. They're next to last in assists.

Brook Lopez and Terrence Williams led the team in scoring, at 21.8 and 14.3. Lopez also led the team in rebounds at 7.0 with TWill just behind at 4.2.  Devin Harris led in assists at 5.2.  Four players hit better than 39% of their three point attempts: Stephen Graham at 50.0%; Jordan Farmar at 44.4%, Anthony Morrow at 39.4%, and Travis Outlaw at 39.1%.  The Nets as team ranked seventh at 37.6%, a stat hurt by their 1-for-8 performance vs. the Celtics.